Reviews and Comments on Internet Haggadah

Internet Haggadah has been featured by:

  • USAToday (April 6, 2006) : “Let my people download! Passover texts available online”
  • Sacramento Bee (April 8, 2006): “Rabbi writes the book for meaningful Seder service” (if it asks for a username and password, use ididntknow and whattodo.)
  • J Weekly, the Jewish weekly newpaper of the San Francisco Bay (March 31, 2006): “Click, Print, Seder: Why are Internet haggadahs different from all other haggadahs?”
  • The Jewish Week (New York) (March 29, 2006) and The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles (April 7, 2006) :
    Also available this year is the "Internet Hagada" by Rabbi William Blank. The text is an edited version of the traditional text, set in contemporary English that reads well, with some Hebrew and transliteration. Rabbi Blank also pays attention to page design, creating an attractive Haggadah.

    Here, the traditional four sons are four students: "One is diligent, one couldn't care less, one is uncomplicated, one is too overwhelmed to ask questions." Rabbi Blank explains that there are no external themes imposed on the traditional material as many modern editions do; he emphasizes the universal values and deeply resonating spirituality of the seder.

    Rabbi Blank, who lives in Sacramento, Calif., and says that he grew up Orthodox, was ordained as a Reform rabbi and now belongs to a Conservative synagogue, is the author of Torah, Tarot & Tantra: A Guide to Jewish Spiritual Growth and Soon You Will Understand the Meaning of Life.

    This Haggadah, suitable for groups in which participants are at different levels, is available only through the Internet. Readers are required to buy one (in PDF format) and then can make as many copies as they need.

  • The Chicago Jewish Star (March 31, 2006):
    Internet Hagada by Rabbi William Blank (2006, www.hagada.com) aims to provide an inexpensive haggadah (for $18, you can create as many copies as you wish for your own use) that keeps a traditional flavor, edited down, with translation and transliteration.

    Instructions on conducting the seder are very clear, the translation is readable and understandable, and all Hebrew passages are given in transliteration — which can be very useful to help everyone at your table feel included.

    It is nicely designed in black and white, and pleasant to read.

    But it (is) an abridged edition, and not all of (it) is in Hebrew. So if you want the full haggadah in both Hebrew and English, this one isn’t for you.

    In his promotional material, Blank describes himself as “a rabbi who grew up Orthodox, was ordained Reform and now belongs to a Conservative synagogue”. So as you would expect, his haggadah does not take a denominational approach.

    Internet Hagada is at www.hagada.com where you need to download the instructions for printing. It uses legal-sized paper, printed on both sides (which Rabbi Blank acknowledges can be tricky to get right), which is then folded. You’ll need to staple it in the middle so it holds together as a booklet.

    The easiest would be to take it to a copy shop and have it done for you.


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8 Comments so far

LOVE IT! But you should call it something else…”The Blank Hagadah”? or the “Bill’s hebrew name here” Hagadah?

Comment by Rabbi Mona Alfi 11.15.05

This is such an easy to read - easy to understand hagada. It will certainly be embraced by everyone at the Seder table. We can’t wait until next Passover to use it!

Comment by David Dulberg 01.30.06

What a gem! The Internet Hagada is just the thing for modern Jews. The Hebrew is cast in a beautiful font, the English is not stilted and easy to read, the transliteration will make every Seder attendee a participant. How fortunate to have found you. Mahzel Tov on a winner.

Comment by Harvey Raider 03.02.06

Great reading.

Comment by Tory Petersen 03.18.06

Thank You.

Comment by karen west 03.24.06

This hagada is compatable with any family and seder. Its so easy to make and read. Perfect hagada. Mazel Tov.

Comment by uniboy 04.08.06

After all our years of trying to “sort out” the order of service, Rabbi Blank has given us a treasure that is clear and easy to use. Thanks. It will be our Haggada for years to come.

Comment by William Reiwitch 04.08.06

Brought up Liberal, Bar-Mitzvah Reform, Married Conservative, Brother Orthodox, and yet personally now a fully grown atheist. And guess what, the family is coming around for a Seder. This Hagada, downloaded today is perfect. Clean, Clear and meeting all requirements. It is ideal for experts and novices alike. Personally I didn't want to pay for a prayer book but at $18 (BPS10.80) it is excellent value. Especially as for the first time ever in over 50 Seders, EVERYONE will be singing from the same Hymn Sheet!!!! Very easy to print, Looks great. Thank you.

Comment by Ronnie Kingsley 04.11.06 @

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